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Optimize your blood glucose levels for a healthier and longer life
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Lifetizr is a cutting edge personalized health system

Lifetizr enables you to understand your body and optimize your blood glucose levels to be in the shape of your life.

Lifetizr empowers you with the tools to track, understand and optimize your metabolic health. By Leveraging real-time blood glucose data, Lifetizr helps you focus on what matters by providing you personalized insights and action plans backed by science.

Understand the complexity of your metabolism to transform your life.

Optimize your blood glucose levels

Blood glucose is the pillar of great health and longevity. Impacted by what we eat, how we exercise and sleep, metabolic health is responsible for our energy levels, performance and overall health.

We are building a life-changing product that helps you take control of the most vital metric in the human body. Through blood glucose levels stabilization, Lifetizr will boost your energy, increase your focus and help you stay healthy.

1. Track

Continuous Glucose Monitor enabled tracking and recording blood glucose levels in real time.

Stop guessing, uncover what is happening within your body.

Wear a device the size of a coin and go beyond traditional diet recommendations.

2. Understand

Lifetizr aggregates data into a powerful dashboard and uses machine learning to turn data into personalized insights.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Unlock the Knowledge your body can tell you.

Experience the benefits of Precision Medicine. Get recommendations, experiment, repeat. Run your body with a scientific mindset.

3. Act

Lifetizr is geared toward action. Each person receives actionable insights and personalized recommendations to reach optimal metabolism.

Small changes, big results. Lifetizr helps you connect to your body.

You get what you need

1-Lifetizr app

2-Continuous Glucose Monitor

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